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Bitmonix in the short term rather than becoming an alternate cryptocurrency with features of development, technology, adoptability and usability of the Bitcoin or ethereum level, will be focused on being a reference element of main value within a self-sustaining environment in which a growing community goes directly to form and complement from its ICO stage a network of users that together with physical and online shops will recognize it as a means of payment of goods and services, likewise based on its high transactional volume it can be taken as a investment vehicle that will enjoy constant and positive valuation over time.

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How ecosystem & bitmonix revolutionize the world of online marketplaces
Our Tokens
What is Bitmonix Coin?
Bitmonix is a means, an electronic currency within an entire community transactional assets exchanged for goods or services.

Applicable ecosystem

The Bitmonix ecosystem seeks to achieve an applicability of the Token or CRIPTO from a single place where the community achieves access to goods and / or services of first necessity, complementary or luxury without large-scale economic repercussions for financial brokerage.


From the initial Bitmonix interface, it will be possible to immediately manage the initial exchange of Tokens between users of the same, as well as the change of value unit directly from the user account, passing from Bitmonix ICO to Btc or to Eter according to the proprietor’s own disposition. the operation.

Mobile App

Once the public sale of Bitmonix ICO is completed, a transition will be made to the CRIPTO stage, which will bring with it the implementation of a wallet App that will allow total portability and execution of crypto transfers in real time.

24 Hour Support

Total access to support regarding concerns along with a work desk specialized in conflict resolution, as well as a team of analysts in charge of the validation and linking of businesses outside the Bitmonix ecosystem.
Costs through time
Presale 1
March 1 – 31
Bonofication +8%
8.000.000 Of Tokens Offered
Presale 2
April 1 – 30
Bonofication +8%
8.000.000 Of Tokens Offered
Presale 3
May 1 – 31
Bonofication +8%
8.000.000 Of Tokens Offered

In the private stage, 10% represented in 12,000,000 were distributed by 25%, for management, development and support teams, 20%, to direct suppliers of hardware and software, ending with 55%, awarded as a reward to our donors through crowdfounding and private investors.

In order to make BXC token distribution process more efficient, the CRN price will now be linked to USD:

1 BXC = 1.40 USD
Fund distribution
  • 84 millions Token
  • 24millions Token sale
  • 12 millions Hard Cap
Utilities destination
  • 55% BXC valorization
  • 25% Marketing or Promotion
  • 17% Development of Technologies
  • 3% Founders and Partners
Our Strategy and Project Plan
for Sellers
Mobile app

Bitmonix will implement a powerful wallet App.

Online wallet

Buy and sell your BX from your mobile without intermediaries.

Anonymous and Safe

Fully encrypted system for greater security

for Buyers
Online Support

help and immediate operational conflict solution.


Immediate management of Tokens between users and businesses.

Applicable ecosystem

Access to goods and services without economic impact.

Purchase your BX Tokens 1 USD until Ago 30!
Sustainable Ecosystem
Everything you can do with BX

LExchange your coins for local currency or selected electronic currency.


Acquire products and services in your country through the bitmonix ecosystem.

Iron Bank

Secure your BX and get benefits by joining one of their plans.

Casino online

Juega, apuesta y gana en el casino online de Bitmonix.

Sports bets

Bet online on over 90 sports. Enjoy the latest odds, live betting and news, watch live sports streams.Bitmonix sports


Soon many more benefits of the sustainable ecosystem.

Bitmonix and the Ecosystem
Frequently Questions

Bitmonix Coin is the first currency or electronic currency with real and stock value within a global commerce ecosystem, where users are integrated into a growing community with extraordinary benefits.

It is a network of users that make up a sustainable and growing electronic commerce community thanks to the transactionality of millions of processes per day.

By acquiring BX Tokens, you obtain an equity means that allows you to exchange from person to person a tangible or a profit with large exponential profits for the growth of the community.

They are shares represented in an electronic currency (Coin, Currency or Token) with real value in USD for each unit or fraction.

The BX Tokens are a means of payment and exchange that can be made effective in the sale and purchase of the same.

Acquire your Bitmonix Tokens (BX) through our website, authorized merchants or promoters in your place of residence or country, for more information and validation write to our work desk in the contact form.

Bitmonix has an Exchange (online changer) in which you can exchange your BX for local currency, you can also sell your BX to retailers and registered users within the ecosystem.

Bitmonix and the Sustainable Ecosystem son owned by BITMONIX all the material contained here protected by copyright, LOGO and BRAND Registered in the USA.


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